Artistic Director: Michael Austin Miller

Olympic Girls’ Choir Director: Angie Godfrey

Accompanist: Yuly Kopkin

Olympic Girls’ Choir Accompanist: Laetitia Lehman-Pearsall

Executive Director: Stephanie Harris


Section Leaders

Sopranos – Patty Schwartz

Altos –  Kath Alexander

Tenors – Kip Bankart

Basses – Hans Griesser


Board of Trustees 2018–2019

“Some people want it to happen,
Some people wish it to happen,
Others make it happen.”

The all-volunteer Board of Trustees is elected from the active voting Chorale membership at the spring annual membership meeting. The term of office is three years and may be extended for one additional three-year term. Meetings are held at various venues, generally on the first Saturday of each month, unless otherwise agreed, at 9:30 am. These meetings are open to all Chorale members. Email for location and time.


Kip Bankart, Facilities Manager

Joyce Brown

Greg Cioc

Don Clark

Kristin Collins, Secretary

Brian Copp, President

George Davis

Beth Riggs

Paula Rimmer

Patty Schwartz,  Vice President

Ros Wilkes, Treasurer