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Our commitment to social justice

The Bainbridge Chorale stands in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color performers, audience members, and communities.  We recognize the systemic and institutionalized racism and oppression they experience, and we believe that Black lives matter.

Since its inception in 1971 the Bainbridge Chorale has reflected the predominantly white demographic of the Island.  We have performed music primarily from the traditional canon of Western Choral Music that has historically been the product of predominantly white European and American cultures and composers.

Collectively and individually, we accept the challenge of examining and addressing the issues of inequity as it pertains to our organization and community.  We will broaden our educational and artistic endeavors to reflect the rich, cultural and ethnically diverse, and ever-evolving world in which we live.

More broadly, we seek to:

  • Uphold principles and enhance practices of equity, diversity, and inclusion for people of all marginalized groups in our community in the areas of race and ethnicity; mobility and ability; socioeconomic, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
  • Engage our community with artistic programming that is diverse and socially relevant, and at times, offers broader themes that challenge the status quo.
  • Listen and learn, with the sincere intention to build meaningful partnerships with the broader community.