The 2017-2018 Season

Thanks to all who attended our holiday concert shows, and special thanks to those intrepid audience members who sat in the dark at the Saturday evening performance during the power outage. We are grateful that you stayed to listen to us sing by the light of our cellphones!

Journey with the Chorale from Darkness to Light on April 21 & 22, a program reflecting the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth as winter ends, followed by spring’s renewal of light and life. We excited to announce that the featured work will be the West coast premiere of James Kevin Gray’s Jazz Mass. Here’s what Gray has to say about the work:

“Jazz Mass  is a collaborative project Rick Bean and I composed beginning in 2015 for the sole purpose of bringing classical choral and working jazz musicians together. Often when a choral group sings jazz, it’s performed with the group’s regular accompanist and a soloist from within the group. This work asks choirs to invite community jazz artists into a partnership of equals.”

For this performance the Chorale will collaborate with iconic Seattle jazz vocalist, Greta Matassa, one of the most talented singers working in jazz today.  Voted “Northwest Vocalist of the Year” by Earshot Jazz seven times in 15 years, she was honored with a lifetime achievement award and inducted into the Earshot Jazz Hall of Fame in 2014. Rick Bean, the co-composer and jazz pianist  will share his extraordinary talent with us for these performances as well.